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Quiltville Custom Quilting

The Incredible Scrappy Bargello!
(Get ready to make a BIG dent in the scrap stash!)

Quilts made of only one shape, be it a square, diamond, triangle, hexagon, or others have been around since the beginning of quilting.  I have always been amazed at how one simple unit, such as the lowly square can be used in so many different ways! Tho known by many names, quilts made with a simple one size square are timeless: One Patch, Trip Around The World, Sunshine and Shadow, Boston Commons, Postage Stamp, even 9 patch, 4 patch, 16 patch etc.....the fascination for quilters remains the same. The colors may change, the light/dark values may change, but a quilt made with one simple square will always  stand as a testimony to the true essence of quilting....to make something with so much beauty from such odd left overs..all from one little square!

Quilted and bound!

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